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Denver Truck Accident LawyerAn accident with a semi-truck or 18 wheeler can be devastating. A personal injury lawyer can help.

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Commercial Truck Accidents in Golden, Colorado

Trucking companies have a legal duty to ensure that their fleet is always operating with the highest level of safety in mind. When a commercial truck accident occurs, the results can be truly catastrophic.

Less than three percent of all highway accidents in Colorado involve a large truck. Yet, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly ten percent of fatal accidents in the state involve commercial trucks.

Unfortunately, in far too many cases, truck drivers and trucking companies fail to live up to their basic safety obligations. As a result, innocent people are at risk. To make matters even more challenging, large trucking companies and their insurance carriers are notoriously aggressive in defending injury claims after accidents. They make it difficult for victims to get the full and fair compensation that they deserve. Golden truck accident lawyer Sean Olson can help. After a truck accident in Golden, contact our law firm today for a free consultation.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Golden

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention: After a commercial truck accident in Golden, you need to get yourself to a doctor for a comprehensive examination. This is vitally important for several reasons. Most notably, you need to get yourself medical care so that you can protect your health and set yourself up to make the best possible recovery. In addition, you will only be able to bring a viable personal injury claim if you have medical documentation.
  2. Preserve Relevant Evidence: The scene of a truck accident can be entirely overwhelming. This is especially true if you were severely injured in the wreck. Still, to the best of your ability, you should try to secure crash-related evidence. For example, it is best to take pictures of the vehicle damage, take pictures of the accident scene, get witness contact information, request a copy of the police report, and record any other evidence that might be relevant to your claim.
  3. Be Wary of Insurance Adjusters: The big trucking companies and their insurance providers handle many truck accident claims. This is a business to them. Their ultimate goal is to settle your claim for the lowest amount possible. In fact, they may even try to deny your claim altogether. You need to protect yourself. You should never give a statement to the trucking company or insurance company without speaking to a lawyer first.
  4. Consult With a Golden Truck Accident Attorney: After a truck accident injury, it is best to seek guidance with the claim. A truck accident lawyer will assess the facts of your case. They will figure out the best course of action and work to serve your interests.

Who Can Is Liable for a Golden Truck Accident?

Truck accident claims can be complex. There are several different parties that could potentially be liable for the wreck. In fact, in some cases, more than one defendant may even share the blame for your accident. Our Golden, CO law firm will identify all the negligent parties. That way you can make a full financial recovery. This could include:

  • The trucker;
  • The trucking company;
  • The company leasing the vehicle;
  • Any other company involved in the trucking operation;
  • The manufacturer of the truck or trailer; and
  • A third-party driver.

Injured Victims Must Take Action after Golden Truck Accidents

To recover compensation, you must proactively pursue a legal claim. Under Colorado’s statute of limitations for motor vehicle accidents (§ 13-80-101), truck accident victims have three years to initiate legal action. If a claim is not filed before the statute of limitations expires, then the victim will likely not be able to bring a claim at all. There is no reason to wait to take action. Consult with an experienced Golden truck accident attorney quickly after your crash.

Golden, CO Truck Accident Victims Deserve Full Compensation

Following a truck accident in Golden, victims want to know how much their personal injury claim is worth. There is no simple answer to this question. In Colorado, personal injury damages are typically meant to be compensatory in nature. In effect, this means that the value of your claim depends on the total amount of damages that you suffered in the accident. To maximize your financial recovery, your damages must be well-documented and carefully presented. Insurance companies will use any excuse to reduce the value of your claim. At the Olson Law Firm, we focus on helping victims maximize their settlement. We may be able to help you recover for:

  • Damage to your car;
  • Emergency medical costs;
  • Ongoing medical treatment;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Related financial damages;
  • Disability coverage;
  • Lost current and future income;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Loss of limb; and
  • Wrongful death.

How Our Golden, CO Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Golden tractor-trailer accident claims come with many challenges. Not only do these claims often involve complex state and federal safety regulations, but trucking companies and their insurers work aggressively against victims. To protect your legal rights and financial interests, consult with an experienced Golden truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Our skilled commercial truck accident lawyer Sean Olson is ready to:

  • Carefully review and investigate your large truck accident;
  • Determine negligence, such as driving while fatigued or under the influence of a substance;
  • Work with expert medical witnesses and crash recreation specialists;
  • Use legal tools to get access to additional evidence and records held by the trucking company;
  • Build the strongest possible claim on your behalf; and
  • Negotiate a full settlement offer with the insurance company

What Do I Do After a Truck Accident?

Commercial trucking companies have a duty to operate their fleet in a safe manner. Trucking companies must properly train drivers. They must inspect their trucks and trailers and safely load trailers. Drivers must have reasonable delivery schedules. Companies must ensure that their drivers comply with highway safety regulations as well.

Unfortunately, despite the many state and federal safety rules that govern the trucking industry, serious commercial truck accidents remain far too common. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) nearly 4,000 Americans die in large truck wrecks each year.

Following a commercial truck crash, accident victims need to know how to protect their health, safety, and legal rights. Here, experienced truck accident attorney Sean Olson explains the first four steps injured victims should take after a major truck accident:

Four Steps to Take After a Commercial Truck Accident

Call the Police

The first thing that you should do following a commercial truck crash is contact state or local law enforcement officers. Under Colorado law, you must report any motor vehicle accident that results in an injury or substantial property damage to the police.

It is critically important that the police come to the scene of your commercial truck accident. This will ensure that there is an investigation into exactly what happened that caused the accident and that there is an official accident report filed.

Get Medical Attention

Any person who injured in a commercial truck accident needs professional medical attention. Certainly, if there is a medical emergency, that is the most important issue. an ambulance should transport the victim to the nearest medical center.

In addition, those who have sustained mild or moderate injuries still need quick medical attention. Even if you do not know how extensive your injuries are, it is still imperative that you consult with a doctor and get a comprehensive medical evaluation. Beyond protecting your safety, you will not be able to bring a truck accident injury claim unless you have supporting medical documentation.

Document the Crash

To the best of your ability, it is also recommended that you try to secure evidence and document the truck accident. The more evidence that you have in your possession, the better off you will be when it comes time to make a truck accident injury claim.

In addition to the police report, some of the other common forms of truck accident evidence include photographs of the crash scene, photographs of the vehicle damage, witness statements, and medical documents and records.

How much is my truck accident worth?

Every truck accident is unique, so it’s hard to predict what any particular case is “worth” without a thorough investigation. Some of the factors that affect the value of a truck accident case include the extent of your injuries, the available evidence of what caused the crash, and whether you contributed to the accident in some way. Generally, the more serious your injuries, the more money you might be owed.

Do I need a lawyer to help after a truck accident? 

A lawyer isn’t required to file an insurance claim or lawsuit after a truck accident, but choosing to work with one is a smart idea. Your attorney can gather evidence to support your claim, document your injuries, negotiate with the liable parties for a full and fair settlement, and take your case to trial if a deal can’t be reached.

Why are truck accidents usually worse than car accidents? 

Trucks are much bigger and heavier than standard cars, which means they strike with more force. This often leads to greater injuries in the event of a collision. According to the IIHS fatality facts report, trucks are 30 times heavier than cars and that is why vehicle drivers are more vulnerable to accidents.

What is the average semi-truck accident settlement amount? 

The amount you can receive in a truck accident settlement depends on the circumstances of your crash and injuries. You could receive compensation for:

  • Lost wages and your reduced ability to work because of your injuries
  • Medical bills and the cost of injury-related future care
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Damaged personal property

How much does a truck accident lawyer cost? 

Most truck accident lawyers, including Sean Olson at the Olson Law Firm, work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney covers upfront costs and receives only a portion of the compensation they help you get. That means you don’t need to be rich to afford quality truck accident legal representation.

How is fault determined in a truck accident? 

Your attorney might use police accident reports, accounts from the drivers involved in the crash, eyewitness statements, testimony from expert witnesses, medical records, and photos from the crash scene to establish legal responsibility or fault for the crash.


Who is liable in a truck accident — the driver or the trucking company? 

Either or both, depending on what the evidence shows. Truck drivers can be held liable if they acted negligently by, for example, driving while distracted. On the other hand, trucking companies must ensure their employees are adequately trained and drive safely, so the company can be held liable for an accident if they failed in these duties. Also, companies are typically held vicariously liable for their employee’s negligence. This means the trucking company would be responsible even if it didn’t do anything wrong.

How long does a truck accident lawsuit take? 

Truck accident lawsuits are marathons, not sprints. Most truck accident cases take at least months to resolve. It takes time to gather evidence and medical records to build a strong case for compensation. If settlement negotiations drag on or the liable parties vehemently deny the claim, the case will take longer. Most cases are resolved in negotiation rather than through a trial. A lawsuit generally takes a year or longer.

Sean Olson wrote Results Matter, a book outlining the many stages of a lawsuit so that everyone can understand what goes into a truck accident case. Download your own free copy here.

What type of insurance coverage could be available for a truck crash?

If the truck driver is found to be at fault for the crash, you could recover compensation from the liability insurance on the truck. Additional commercial liability insurance held by the trucking company could also come into play. Commercial trucks must carry insurance with policy limits much higher than what most private drivers have on their cars. Your own insurance may also be available to you if the trucking company’s insurance is not enough to cover all your damages and losses.

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