injured woman holds neck and looks at medical bill with husband

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you could be eligible to seek compensation from them through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. You can help your case significantly by taking the proper steps in the aftermath of … Continue reading

court document reading wrongful death on table with gavel

If your family member died because of someone else’s wrongful act, you have the right to demand answers and seek justice for their untimely death.  While wrongful death and survival actions are often linked, they are considered distinct legal concepts … Continue reading

car accident with three vehicles bumper to bumper

Figuring out who is at fault for a car accident can be hard enough when only two vehicles are involved. But each additional vehicle makes establishing liability much more complicated, as is the case in a chain-reaction crash. To help … Continue reading

Injured Person Filling Out Personal Injury Claim Paperwork

If you’ve been severely injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent actions or inactions, you have the right to seek fair compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, pain, suffering, and other losses. It’s crucial to maximize your injury … Continue reading

Motorcycle on open road with mountains in distance

One of the most contentious disputes between some motorcycle riders and safety advocates concerns lane-splitting. Some motorcyclists argue lane-splitting could help prevent accidents, while opponents say lane-splitting makes everyone less safe. So, who’s right, and is lane-splitting even legal in … Continue reading

Traffic accident rollover

Preliminary accident reports from 2021 suggest Colorado was on track for its highest number of motorist fatalities in more than a decade. In late 2020, Colorado Public Radio reported a significant increase in the statewide rate of traffic fatalities despite … Continue reading

fallen motorcycle rider after accident

The same things that make riding a motorcycle exhilarating are the same things that cause severe injuries in a crash. A smaller profile, faster acceleration, and the lack of a protective frame make these vehicles both exciting and incredibly dangerous. … Continue reading

driver in awe after car accident

Traumatic accidents like car crashes often occur so suddenly and violently that victims are often left in shock. This shock can be physical and mental. Importantly, the shock can mask pain and reduce or eliminate a person’s ability to remember … Continue reading

helmet resting on motorcycle

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Doctor makes a mistake during surgery

Seeking help from a medical professional should address the injury or illness you’re dealing with, and should ultimately make you better. Unfortunately, sometimes patients are injured or see their condition worsen because of substandard healthcare. You may have heard about … Continue reading