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Accidents such as car crashes, slip and falls, and medical errors can cause very serious injuries and change the lifes of victims forever. When someone else is at fault for a serious accident, victims are often entitled to receive compensation to cover the cost of their injuries and associated losses. We are the Denver personal injury attorney to call.

If you or a family member has been hurt in an accident that was caused by someone else, you should speak to our knowledgeable Denver personal injury attorney about your legal rights. Sean Olson and his trusted team provide an unwavering customer experience and outstanding results for accident victims when they need it most. Sean has earned a reputation as a down-to-earth attorney who provides aggressive advocacy for his deserving clients.

Please contact the Olson Law Firm, LLC today to tell us your story. Sean will meet with you in person to talk through the details of your personal injury case and answer all your questions.

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What Is a Denver Personal Injury Case?

Denver personal injury law allows accident victims to claim compensation for the harm done to them due to the negligence of another person, company, or entity. There are many causes of action that could lead to a personal injury lawsuit in Denver. Some of the most common types of cases our firm handles include:

If you or a family member has been hurt in any type of accident that was the fault of someone else, you should learn about your right to compensation. Please call us today to talk about your case in a free consultation.

Compensation You Could Recover in a Denver Personal Injury Claim

When you file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, you are asking either the insurance company or the courts to compensate you for your losses. Colorado law recognizes that an injured person should not have to pay for the cost of injuries that resulted in an accident caused by someone else. This compensation is intended to restore you to the same condition you were in before the accident.

Compensation is divided into two different categories:

  • Economic damages stem from the financial losses you incurred as a result of the accident. You can calculate these by adding up your medical bills and other expenses you incurred as a result of the accident. Medical expenses, lost income if you were unable to work, and the cost of repairing or replacing property, such as a vehicle, are all economic damages. Our attorney will also help you account for future damages you are expected to face as a result of your injuries, such as future treatment costs and a loss of earning capacity.
  • Non-economic damages are losses you sustained that don’t have a dollar value. These include pain and suffering, scarring, disfigurement, and diminished quality of life. Although these losses are not quantifiable in the same way economic damages are, they are losses nonetheless, and you deserve compensation for them. In Colorado, non-economic damages are capped between $250,000 and $500,000, depending on the circumstances of your case, and with some allowances for inflation.

Our Denver personal injury lawyer will meticulously document all the current and future losses you are facing as a result of your accident. Ultimately, we want to recover the maximum amount of compensation or verdict you are entitled to receive in order to ensure you can achieve the fullest possible recovery.

How Our Denver Personal Injury Attorney Can Help with Your Case

When claiming compensation for injuries and losses incurred in an accident that was the fault of someone else, you may need to file an insurance claim or file a personal injury lawsuit. There are no laws prohibiting you from doing both of these things on your own. However, legal representation is highly recommended.

When working with our personal injury attorney in Denver, you can be sure that your case is in good hands. We will:

  • Explain the law as it pertains to your case so you understand what you are entitled to receive
  • Advice on the full value of your claim and any settlement offers
  • Work with experts to calculate the value of future losses
  • Gather all the evidence necessary to substantiate your claim
  • Ensure the deadlines and other procedural rules for filing a claim are followed and met
  • Negotiate aggressively with the insurance company in pursuit of a fair personal injury settlement
  • Advocate for you in court, if a just settlement cannot be reached

Without proper representation, it’s difficult for many people to understand what their rights are, and the full amount of compensation they are entitled to. Our personal injury lawyer in Denver will help throughout the entire process to ensure an insurance company does not take advantage of you by denying or diminishing the value of your claim.

Denver, Colorado Statute of Limitations on Injury Claims

It’s natural after an accident to spend some time focusing on your injuries and trying to get better. However, while trying to recover, you may not realize that the clock is already ticking on your right to file a personal injury claim. This is due to the fact that Colorado, like all other states, places a statute of limitations on these claims.

The Colorado statute of limitations, or time limit for filing a claim, is a bit more complex than in other states, as different causes of action have different time limits. Most personal injury claims in the state have a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the accident. Motor vehicle accidents are the exception, as they have a time limit of three years after the date of the accident.

In addition to these statutes of limitations, there is another exception for when a personal injury claim is filed against a government entity, such as a city. These claims have a statute of limitations of only 180 days from the date of the accident.

No matter the circumstances of your case, the best way to protect your right to file a claim is to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

Steps to Take to Protect Your Rights After a Denver Accident

No matter what kind of an accident you are in, it’s natural to feel confused afterward. You may know that you’re injured but not understand the extent of your injuries. You may not yet know how the accident happened or what steps to take next. The moments immediately following an accident, though, are extremely important. What you do, and what you say, will have a great impact on any future claims you make for compensation.

  • Get medical treatment.
    First and foremost, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. After an accident, adrenaline and shock kick in, and these can mask injuries. Even if you think you are not injured, you should still see a doctor to prevent any possible injuries from getting worse. Additionally, failing to see a doctor could hurt a potential future claim. The insurance company or the at-fault party will likely argue that you couldn’t have been that hurt because you didn’t even see a doctor for treatment.
  • Report what happened.
    No matter the type of accident you were involved in, you must report it to someone. If the accident happened on someone else’s property, you must report it to the property owner. If the accident was a motor vehicle accident, you must report it to the police if it involved property damage, injury, or death.

It’s important to note that after a car accident, a police officer may or may not make a report. They will only likely do so if they believe property damage is in excess of $1,000 or the accident caused injury or death. This is important to know because police reports can help support a personal injury claim, so you can ask the police to file a report.

  • Preserve any evidence.
    If possible, you then need to collect whatever evidence is at the scene. Take pictures of the scene of the accident, any injuries you sustained, and anything that could have contributed to the accident, such as a spill on the floor. Even the clothes you were wearing at the time and any property damage you sustained can help support your claim. Don’t get any property repaired or make changes to any kind of evidence until you’ve spoken to a Denver personal injury lawyer.
  • Keep notes for yourself.
    While documenting the scene, it’s also important to document your memories of the accident. Write down what happened before, during, and after the accident. Include when the accident happened and where, as well as descriptions of any injuries you suffered. You should do this as soon as possible, as memories fade over time and you may find it difficult to remember important details later. Over time, continue to journal about your injuries, if treatment is working, and how they have impacted your life. This information can also support your claim.
  • Talk to an attorney as soon as possible.
    In the days and weeks following an accident, it’s important to speak to a qualified Denver personal injury attorney. The next several weeks and months are of utmost importance to your personal injury claim, and an attorney will ensure your rights are upheld.
Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries in DenverCommon Types of Catastrophic Injuries in Denver

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries in Denver

In the best of cases, those involved in an accident escape with very few injuries and no significant property damage. In the worst of cases, though, accident victims suffer catastrophic injuries that remain with them throughout their entire lives. These injuries can permanently prevent a person from performing any work and earning an income. They are considered catastrophic because of the enormous impact they have on the lives of those who experience them.

Some of the common types of catastrophic injuries that our legal team helps clients with include:

  • Facial injuries and disfigurement
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Foot injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Organ damage

When these serious injuries occur in an accident, it is important that you don’t face them alone. A personal injury lawyer in Denver can help you claim the full compensation you need to cover the costs of recovery and to get you back to a better quality of life.

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If you have been injured in an accident that you believe was the fault of someone else, don’t try to take on the insurance company or the at-fault party on your own. Contact our personal injury lawyer in Denver to talk through your options and make sure you understand your legal rights.

At the Olson Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to making sure your story is heard. We will fight to hold those responsible for your accident accountable, and we will act as your advocate every step of the way. Our team will use every resource available to build a solid case for the maximum compensation or verdict you deserve. Don’t wait another minute. Contact Sean Olson today for a free case review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Word from Sean

personal injury lawyer can be a big help when you are trying to get compensation from someone who injured you, or when trying to negotiate with their insurer. However, not everybody needs to hire a lawyer to obtain compensation. It all depends on certain circumstances.

How Injured Are You?

The greater your injury, the more likely you need to hire a lawyer. Someone who is seriously injured is entitled to compensation for their injuries, which could be substantial. For example, you can receive compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, such as surgery, doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, equipment, rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage (e.g., car damage caused by a collision)

You can also receive compensation for less tangible injuries like pain and suffering, emotional distress, or physical disfigurement. These intangible injuries can be worth as much—or even more—than economic losses like lost wages, medical bills, and property damage.

Sit down and estimate how much your injuries are worth. Look at medical bills, pay stubs, and repair estimates to calculate economic losses. Then multiply these by 2 to 3 to calculate any intangible injuries like pain and suffering.

If your injuries are worth a thousand dollars or less, you might be able to get by without a lawyer. Hiring one may not be worth the money, and you might struggle to find someone to represent you. However, if they are worth more, then you should consider at least consulting with an attorney.

Are You a Good Negotiator?

Many injured victims settle their claims before ever going to trial. However, negotiating with a powerful insurance company can be tough, especially if you don’t like conflict.

Think back to other situations in which you negotiated, for example at a dealership when buying a new car. Did you enjoy the experience? Were you able to get a good deal by dickering with the sales agent? If not, then you may have trouble dealing with a skilled insurance adjuster, and you may need a lawyer to represent you.

Can You Learn Court Rules?

The only real leverage you have in settlement negotiations is that you can file a lawsuit if negotiations fail. You might even file a lawsuit before engaging in settlement negotiations. Regardless, learning court rules on your own is time-consuming.

Fortunately, the Colorado small claims court system is available to you. This court has simplified procedures and you don’t need a lawyer. Unfortunately, you can only file in small claims court if you are seeking $7,500 or less. If your case is worth more, you’ll need to file in county or district  court and follow the same rules as a lawyer.

If you don’t think you have the time to learn these rules, you should probably talk to a personal injury lawyer about representing you.

Speak with a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer Today

We understand how stressed accident victims feel. At the Olson Law Firm, LLC, our team has helped countless accident victims get the compensation they deserve to begin repairing their lives. To help you decide whether you want to hire us, we offer potential clients a free consultation, which you can schedule by calling 303-586-7297 or submitting our contact form online.

After suffering injuries because of someone else’s carelessness, a personal injury lawyer can help you get fairly compensated. They’ll let you focus on getting your life back on track.

But what exactly does your attorney do? Sean Olson of Olson Law Firm, LLC explains:

Most people who have been harmed as a result of someone else’s negligence or fault, aren’t prepared to deal with the injuries and life-altering consequences of those kinds of accidents. A personal injury attorney can help guide you through the process of both healing and receiving justice and compensation for your injuries. Personal injury attorneys will undertake an investigation of what occurred to you. They’ll represent you in front of the insurance companies or those who are responsible for paying for your injuries.

Ultimately, a personal injury attorney will be prepared to tell your story and possibly even take your case to a trial and tell your story to a jury and be able to make those people understand what happened, how it affected you, and then be able to ask them to make things right by getting you justice. At the Olson Law Firm, LLC, we know that every personal injury accident is different. We treat every client like a member of our family and we look out for their interests as though their interests are our own.