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Distracted driving poses one of the most significant risks to motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians in Golden. During a distraction lasting even only a few seconds, a vehicle at highway speed may travel the length of a football field or more without the driver being in total control or even aware that he or she is not in total control.

Unfortunately, with modern technology, drivers have more possible distractions than ever. When you have been injured in a Golden traffic accident caused by a distracted driver, let a distracted driving accident lawyer from Olson Personal Injury Lawyers™ help you seek the financial recovery you need.

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What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving involves engaging in any activity behind the wheel that takes your attention off the task of driving. Distractions may take your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, and your mind off driving safely.

Common examples of distracted driving include texting while driving, talking on a cell phone, eating and drinking, and adjusting the radio or climate control. But distracted driving can include virtually anything inside a car that takes a driver’s attention away from the road. It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that a distraction does not take the driver’s attention away from the road.

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help With Your Distracted Driving Crash Case

If you have been seriously hurt in a distracted driving accident in Golden, let our car accident lawyers help you to build and pursue your case by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident to recover evidence we can use to show that the other driver was distracted and that their distraction caused the crash
  • Identifying all applicable insurance policies and other sources of compensation
  • Documenting your expenses and losses to ensure we pursue full financial recovery in your case
  • Filing your claim with the insurance company
  • Vigorously negotiating for maximum compensation for you in a settlement
  • Going to court and trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached and litigation gives you the best option for securing a full recovery

Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents in Golden

Some of the most frequent causes of distracted driving accidents in Golden include:

  • Texting or talking on the phone
  • Eating or drinking
  • Conversing with passengers
  • Adjusting the radio, GPS, or other vehicle controls
  • Interacting with pets or children in the car
  • Grooming or applying makeup
  • Reading maps
  • Looking at street signs or other sights outside of the vehicle
  • Daydreaming

Common Injuries Involved in Golden Distracted Driving Accidents

Injuries that victims of distracted driving accidents commonly suffer include:

Golden Texting While Driving Laws

Under Colorado law, adult drivers can use a cell phone with a headset or other hands-free device or system. However, drivers may not hold a cell phone in their hands to text, send emails, or use other apps on the phone. Any texting must be done hands-free by voice-to-text.

Drivers under 18 are prohibited from using a cell phone under any circumstances.

Colorado’s texting while driving laws do permit handheld use of a cell phone under limited circumstances, including contacting police or fire services to report a potentially criminal act, a fire or road accident or hazard, or a motorist operating their vehicle in a reckless or unsafe manner.

Penalties for violating the cell phone use laws as an adult driver include:

  • First violation: $300 fine and four points on the driving record
  • Subsequent violations, or when a violation causes bodily injury or death: $1,000 fine, up to one year of incarceration, and four points on the driving record

Penalties for minor drivers include:

  • Initial violation: $50 fine, one point on the driving record
  • Subsequent violations: $100 fine, one point on the driving record

Violating the cell phone law is considered a primary offense in Golden, meaning police can pull over a driver if they witness the driver use a cell phone in violation of the law and if they see the driver operating their vehicle in a careless or imprudent manner.

Compensation for a Victim of a Golden Distracted Driving Accident

After you have been injured in a distracted driving accident in Golden, you may be entitled to recover compensation for losses you have incurred due to your injuries, including:

  • Medical expenses for surgeries, hospital visits, doctors’ appointments, prescriptions, and physical therapy
  • Costs for home health service or long-term care needed for disabilities caused by your injuries
  • Loss of wages and income 
  • Loss of future earning ability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma and distress
  • Loss of enjoyment or quality of life
  • Repair bills if your car sustained damage in the accident

Distracted Driving Statistics in Golden

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, an average of 42 motor vehicle accidents occur every day in Colorado due to distracted driving. In just one recent year, a total of 15,143 crashes occurred in Colorado that were attributed to distracted driving, resulting in 4,361 injuries and 39 deaths. Despite those facts, more than 90 percent of drivers in Colorado report having engaged in distracted driving at some point.

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