Truck Accident FAQ

truck accident

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Colorado, you likely have questions about your rights and legal options.

The Denver truck accident lawyers at the Olson Personal Injury Lawyers have answered some frequently asked questions here. We are ready to answer your specific questions.


Common Questions About Truck Accident Lawsuits

Here are some of the most common questions we get about truck accident lawsuits in Colorado:

Truck Accident Lawsuits

How much is my truck accident worth?

Every truck accident is unique, so it’s hard to predict what any particular case is “worth” without a thorough investigation. Some of the factors that affect the value of a truck accident case include the extent of your injuries, the … Continue reading

Do I need a lawyer to help after a truck accident?

A lawyer isn’t required to file an insurance claim or lawsuit after a truck accident, but choosing to work with one is a smart idea. Your attorney can gather evidence to support your claim, document your injuries, negotiate with the … Continue reading

Why Truck Accidents Are More Dangerous than Car Accidents

Trucks are much bigger and heavier than standard cars, which means they strike with more force. This often leads to greater injuries in the event of a collision. According to the IIHS fatality facts report, trucks are 30 times heavier than … Continue reading

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Most truck accident lawyers, including Sean Olson at the Olson Personal Injury Lawyers, work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney covers upfront costs and receives only a portion of the compensation they help you get. That … Continue reading

How is fault determined in a truck accident?

Your attorney might use police accident reports, accounts from the drivers involved in the crash, eyewitness statements, testimony from expert witnesses, medical records, and photos from the crash scene to establish legal responsibility or fault for the crash.

Who is liable in a truck accident — the driver or the trucking company?

Either or both, depending on what the evidence shows. Truck drivers can be held liable if they acted negligently by, for example, driving while distracted. On the other hand, trucking companies must ensure their employees are adequately trained and drive … Continue reading

How long does a truck accident lawsuit take?

Truck accident lawsuits are marathons, not sprints. Most truck accident cases take at least months to resolve. It takes time to gather evidence and medical records to build a strong case for compensation. If settlement negotiations drag on or the … Continue reading

What type of insurance coverage could be available for a truck crash?

If the truck driver is found to be at fault for the crash, you could recover compensation from the liability insurance on the truck. Additional commercial liability insurance held by the trucking company could also come into play. Commercial trucks … Continue reading

What is the average semi-truck accident settlement amount?

The amount you can receive in a truck accident settlement depends on the circumstances of your crash and injuries. You could receive compensation for: Lost wages and your reduced ability to work because of your injuries Medical bills and the … Continue reading

Get Help from an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

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