What do I do after a truck accident?

Commercial trucking companies have a duty to operate their fleet in a safe manner. Trucking companies must properly train drivers. They must inspect their trucks and trailers and safely load trailers. Drivers must have reasonable delivery schedules. Companies must ensure that their drivers comply with highway safety regulations as well.

Unfortunately, despite the many state and federal safety rules that govern the trucking industry, serious commercial truck accidents remain far too common. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) nearly 4,000 Americans die in large truck wrecks each year.

Following a commercial truck crash, accident victims need to know how to protect their health, safety, and legal rights. Here, experienced truck accident attorney Sean Olson explains the first four steps injured victims should take after a major truck accident:

Four Steps to Take After a Commercial Truck Accident

Call the Police

The first thing that you should do following a commercial truck crash is contact state or local law enforcement officers. Under Colorado law, you must report any motor vehicle accident that results in an injury or substantial property damage to the police.

It is critically important that the police come to the scene of your commercial truck accident. This will ensure that there is an investigation into exactly what happened that caused the accident and that there is an official accident report filed.

Get Medical Attention

Any person who injured in a commercial truck accident needs professional medical attention. Certainly, if there is a medical emergency, that is the most important issue. an ambulance should transport the victim to the nearest medical center.

In addition, those who have sustained mild or moderate injuries still need quick medical attention. Even if you do not know how extensive your injuries are, it is still imperative that you consult with a doctor and get a comprehensive medical evaluation. Beyond protecting your safety, you will not be able to bring a truck accident injury claim unless you have supporting medical documentation.

Document the Crash

To the best of your ability, it is also recommended that you try to secure evidence and document the truck accident. The more evidence that you have in your possession, the better off you will be when it comes time to make a truck accident injury claim.

In addition to the police report, some of the other common forms of truck accident evidence include photographs of the crash scene, photographs of the vehicle damage, witness statements, and medical documents and records.