Hiring a Lawyer after a Drunk Driver Hits You

There are too many drunk drivers on the road. According to Colorado State Patrol, about 500 accidents each year are caused by drunk drivers, which injure thousands of people. If you have been hit by a drunk driver, you can sue him or her for compensation for your injuries.

Find a Car Accident Lawyer

Most car accidents are caused by driver negligence. For example, someone might not check their blind spot before changing lanes or they fail to stop at a red light because they do not see it. But drunk drivers are engaged in more than mere negligence. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated is truly reckless behavior.

Check online to find a car accident lawyer in your area. Search “Denver car accident lawyer.” Look at attorneys’ websites and see if they handle car accidents as a regular part of their practice. If you like what you see, schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Ask What Compensation You Can Receive

Drunk driving is a crime, but it can also be a civil wrong when the driver causes bodily injury to other motorists or pedestrians. In a civil lawsuit, you can receive compensation for:

  • Your medical bills
  • Any lost wages, if you could not work while injured
  • Property damage to your car
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement or disability

Your lawyer should be able to estimate the amounts that you can receive based upon your collected medical bills and pay stub information.

Also check if you can receive punitive damages, called “exemplary damages” in Colorado. Punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant, and you can receive them in addition to the compensatory damages listed above. Generally, punitive damages are only awarded for reckless or intentional conduct, and a drunk driver might qualify. However, your lawyer will need to analyze the circumstances.

Ask Other Questions

You want a car accident lawyer you can trust and who you have confidence in. Ask the lawyer if they have ever brought cases involving a drunk driver before. These cases have wrinkles that make them different from other car accidents, so you want someone experienced in the field. You can also ask the lawyer to describe what other evidence you need to make a really strong case.

Check about the Lawyer’s Fees

Ask the lawyer if he represents clients on contingency fee basis. This means the lawyer does not charge attorneys’ fees upfront but instead takes a percentage of your settlement or jury award if you win. Contingency fee agreements should be in writing and explain exactly how much the lawyer will take. Also, you will probably be responsible for the costs of the lawsuit, such as copying, filing fees, and expenses related to depositions. Make sure you agree with everything in your fee agreement before signing it.

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Author: Sean Olson

Sean Olson is much more than just a personal injury lawyer. Sean is an advocate who helps those who are injured navigate our complex legal system. And he is a voice for those who are injured and cannot speak for themselves.