Should I Call the Police After a Car Accident?

No matter how minor a car accident may seem, it is always a good idea to call the police; in fact, it is the law. Documentation and records are key aspects needed in fighting for cases that may have seemed small but grew into a larger legal dispute.

Today, drivers are easily distracted by cellphones, passengers, eating and/or drinking, and daydreaming during a long commute. Although waiting on the police to arrive may cause extra time, it will be the best move you can make in the long run.

Advice from Our Founding Attorney:

How the Police Aid Your Case:

  • The police will investigate the entire scene.
  • The police will talk to witnesses and find witnesses.
  • The police will search and find evidence to support claims.
  • The police will provide official documents.
  • If possible, the police will assign the at-fault driver.

In Colorado, regardless of how minor damage may appear if the accident resulted in property damage or injury it has to be reported. It is up to the police if they will write a report, but there will be documentation of the crash on file. This is important because not all vehicle damage is noticeable right away, just like some injuries. Having these supporting documents could strongly help to pay for these damages.

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured in a Fender Bender?

After being involved in a minor accident, you may not notice the immediate effects due to adrenaline. This hormone releases during times of stress, like right after a crash.

Some injuries that may not appear until after an accident are:

  • Head injuries – traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or concussions
  • Neck injuries – whiplash
  • Abdominal pain – internal bleeding
  • Back pain – ruptured disc or fracture

If the other driver was at fault and you were injured, you are eligible for compensation. Your medical expenses should not have to come out of your pocket due to someone else’s negligence.

If Your Minor Accident Turned Into A Bigger Issue, Contact Our Colorado Attorneys Today!

The grim fact is no one wants to be held liable for a wreck and most people will try to get out of it. However, an official police document is one of the best advocates to have along with an attorney. We handle car accident cases daily and have proven results.

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